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beautiFill® laser liposuction

BeautiFill laser liposuction offers several benefits that might make it an attractive option for individuals seeking body contouring and fat removal. First, it utilizes laser technology to precisely target and liquefy fat cells, making the procedure less invasive and potentially resulting in a quicker recovery compared to traditional liposuction. Second, the procedure can also stimulate collagen production, which may lead to firmer and tighter skin in the treated areas. Lastly, BeautiFill liposuction allows for the possibility of fat transfer, where the harvested fat can be used to enhance other areas of the body, providing a natural and balanced aesthetic. However, it’s essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if BeautiFill laser liposuction is the right choice based on individual circumstances and goals.

what is laser liposuction?

Laser Liposuction is a great option for people who are seeking to get rid of stubborn areas of fat when things such as diet and exercise have failed them. This surgical procedure is minimally invasive that liquifies and removes stubborn fat. Dr. Mohan and her staff at Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa will talk with about what is the best course of action for you as Laser Liposuction is not a form of weight control. Simply a procedure to remove the stubborn fat in areas of your body it can’t seen to get ride of that fat.

how does laser liposuction work?

After the staff at Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa in Mt. Pleasant, MI complete your consultation to be sure this procedure is right for you. The procedure is started by first using a local anesthetic to make a small cut to the surface of the skin. The lase is then inserted into that are of the skin. Once the laser is inserted it melts the fat from under the skin by perforating the cells so they deflate. After the laser has been used Dr. Mohan and her staff will insert a small tube into the same area to remove the liquified fat using suction.

laser liposuction for double chin treatment

One area where laser liposuction can be particularly effective is in reducing a double chin. This common concern for many individuals can be caused by various factors such as genetics, weight gain, or the natural aging process.

During the laser liposuction procedure, a small cannula (thin tube) is inserted into the area of the double chin. The laser energy then targets and breaks down fat cells, which are then removed through suction. The heat from the laser also stimulates collagen production, which can help tighten and tone the skin in the treated area.

is laser liposuction for me?

If you are someone who has struggled to get rid of stubborn fat, Laser Liposuction may be for you! The friendly staff at Rosewood Healthcare & Medical Spa take your safety as their utmost importance. Through a consultation they will determine if you are a good candidate for Laser Liposuction.

what happens after?

Depending on the area that Dr. Mohan and her staff are preforming laser liposuction on, it normally won’t take more than an hour. If the procedure is done properly, you will recover quickly and return to normal life after just a day or two. The results of Laser Liposuction are generally permanent and you will see a notable difference in your body within a short period of time. This procedure can take multiple sessions over several weeks depending on the patient and the areas being treated.

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body sculpting

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, can be an appealing option for individuals seeking to achieve a more toned and proportionate physique. It can help remove stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, resulting in a more sculpted appearance. Body sculpting procedures like laser liposuction or non-invasive techniques or laser treatments can enhance body contours, improve self-confidence, and boost overall body image.

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