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Forever Bare BBL™

Experience the Revolution in Hair Removal

At Rosewood Medical Spa, we're excited to offer our clients the breakthrough Forever Bare BBL technology, a top-tier solution for hair removal. This state-of-the-art method ensures a safe, effective, and comfortable experience, significantly reducing unwanted hair by targeting and destroying hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin. Enjoy the confidence of smooth, soft skin with fewer treatments and minimal discomfort.

What Is Forever Bare BBL?

Forever Bare BBL by Sciton represents the latest innovation in light-based hair removal technologies. Unlike traditional methods, it uses BroadBand Light to efficiently target hair follicles, ensuring maximum absorption of the light energy, which is then converted to heat to destroy the hair follicle.

How It Works

The technology employs low fluence pulses at high repetition rates, covering the skin with multiple passes to heat the follicles to the precise temperature for removal without overheating the skin. This approach ensures a fast, gentle, and effective treatment.

What It Treats

This versatile treatment can remove hair from almost any part of the body including the face, legs, arms, chest, and bikini area. It's designed to work across a range of skin types and tones, making it a suitable option for a broad audience.

Results and Benefits

Patients can expect visible reduction in hair growth and enjoy smoother, softer skin. The treatment is gentle enough to avoid significant downtime, with many patients experiencing minimal discomfort similar to a mild sunburn.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for Forever Bare BBL are those looking for a long-term solution to unwanted hair. It's perfect for individuals tired of traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving or waxing, and those with most skin types up to skin type V.

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Laser hair removal offers several benefits for individuals seeking a long-term solution to unwanted body or facial hair. Firstly, it provides a more permanent reduction in hair growth compared to temporary methods like shaving or waxing. Secondly, laser hair removal can save time and effort in the long run, as it reduces the need for regular maintenance and eliminates the inconvenience of daily or frequent hair removal routines.

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